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no sprite: mog, ourcities, broette, jack, sid, brooklyn, dave, edd

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bisexual flag bigender flag trans flag
x SAL / JOEY x HE / IT x
x i have memory issues x transmale x
x knight of time x hugo fan x 18 x

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spins: sally face, yugioh, skyrim, windows OS, postal
interests: music, youtube, metalocalypse, the walking dead, drawing, making plushes, pokemon, furries, coding, homestuck, HLVRAI, old web/tech
music: msi, bloodbath, megadeth, exodus, razor, slayer, cannibal corpse, municipal waste, carnifex, slipknot, dying fetus, exhumed, mayhem, dethklok, impetigo, murderdolls, scumfuck, obituary, + more
movies: house of 1000 corpses, hostal, zombieland, jigsaw, grave encounters, phantom of the opera,
comfort characters: bro strider, postal dude, diluc
games i play: postal (all games), regretevator, roblox, vrchat, project zomboid, left4dead, skyrim, duel links, genshin, cookie run kingdom
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tumblr, roblox, lastfm, discord, outside your house, local graveyard, inside your walls, under your bed, the corner of your eye, behind you, in your shadows

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I am cheddar cheese!
NerdTests.com What Homestuck Kid Are You?
Which Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Model Are You?

i love being fucked up and evil! my incarnation is temporary. quit wasting my precious time!!! crazy postal fan anime is a gateway to cannibalism. resident evil 4 prisoner i like weird the slenderman is out to get you! zap stamp of bro and cal springtrap zombie hands best bros i support spinning around and getting really dizzy! warning my diet consists of barbed wire bakura saw series im gonna be sick sal fisher i would go insane without music pic of me toxic waste symbol stamp music visualizer i heart creepy stuff slipknot. people equal shit om nom nom vampire

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