some sites i've found surfing da web

Windows 95 classic Good windows 95 emulator that you can use in your browser
Windows93 Windows 95 lookalike thats most known for its now defunct myspace ripoff.
Emulatorgames Has almost all the retro systems you could want! and its safe to use and download :)
Emugames Good for finding iso files of games that aren't so easy to find
404PageFound Cool site for looking at old websites the owners forgot about ages ago
Make sweet Those heart locket gifs are made here
gifcities Search engine for old geocities gifs
Anime theme the most 90s website to ever still exist
Web design museum Screenshots to take you back in time THE blinkie maker ever to exist
Camerons World Really cool artsy site not sure what it means
???????????????? More artsy site, still have no clue sorry
mf2fm Used to use it for making profiles on tumblr now I use it for making profiles on neocities
LINGsCARS Old web site thats still up to this day
WebNeko Adopt a cute kitty for your webpage
Text colour fader Great for websites, rentrys, and carrds
This Website Will Self Destruct Good place to vent when no one wants to listen
Candy Hearts Cute way to make little hearts for your website
Fancy Island Horror browser arg kind of game
White Enamel Another browser horror game
Map of Metal Learn some metal history
bloggif Useful free gif text maker
Geocities Gallery More old websites people forgot about Artsy horror site that no short description could do well
Internet Explorer is EVIL! Must visit for anyone who likes the 90s websites
Arnold Sailormoonegger Weird site, weird url
Old version To match your old computer theme
Proficon Frames for icons/profile pics
Kidpix Like MSpaint but makes more sound
Picasion Make text into glitter gifs
Plushify Make plush patterns out of 3d models!
Winamp skin Museum Exactly what the title says, my fav site
Emojibank Those little tiny pixel icons from rentrys Tetris in your browser, good for facetime calls
Friv Flash games that dont use flash anymore An invader zim fansite full of things
Pinky and Pepper forever An amazing webcomic about a lesbian couple of dog girls
Beepbox You can make your own music out of beeps

some youtubers i liek

Izzzyzzz Old web youtuber and awesome at makeup
toastedcherries Really creative youtuber that also makes music
Charborg Hes really funny and his streams are intresting
TomDark I just really like him I dont know why
HaileyElizabeth True crime youtuber but shes nice and sweet
Flamingo I watch every video as soon as it comes out
Nitrolord More old web / old roblox kind of videos
cooper2723 The most HD youtube videos I've ever seen
LyleShnub Longest video series I've ever kept up with
MichaelMJD All videos about old technology, its awesome