21 Years Old
Nuketown Canada

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Luke's Interests
GeneralMAKING KANDI!!!, watching youtube, making blingees, drawing, invader zim, metalocalypse, cats, old web, and wafflez XD
Musicscene music n anything from the early 2000s! such as, the millionaires, the medic droid, brokencyde, MSI, s3rl, kesha, all time low, falling in reverse, 3oh!3, skrillex, the academy is, metro station, dot dot curve, scotty vanity, i set my friends on fire, escape the fate, AFI, three days grace, say anything, nickasaur, lovehatehero, etc **listening =/= supporting**
Moviesthe punisher, nightmare b4 christmas, beetlejuice, house of 1000 corpses, scream
Televisioninvader zim, yugioh, metalocalypse again cuz i luuuuuvv metalocalypse
Booksmangaz, homestuck, and i luv halloween
Gamesamong us, roblox, skyrim, elderscrolls, genshin, yume nikki, IMVU, second life, everskies, flash games
Heroeszim x333

Luke's Details
Here for:friends!! :D
Orientation:bisexual and poly
Education:i stupid
Occupation:none :3

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Luke's Blurbs

my names luke but you can also call me gir XP i go by zir/zim cyber/cybers glitch/glitches 🔋/🔋s but he/him is ok too im scene, im an artist, i am gir and a ghost irl BLEHHHH :P lastly i love 2 collect old phones and i am a huge fan of the old web

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